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Yângâ tî Angelë[Sepe]

Polïpa zo [Sepe]

they \ðeɪ\

  1. âla
    • Fred and Jane? They’ve just arrived.
    • Monarchs are resilient and adaptive but they continue to face challenges. — (Gabrielle Canon, “Monarch butterflies may be thriving after years of decline. Is that a comeback?” na The Guardian , 21 Nabändüru 2021 → dîko mbëtï)
  2. ...
    • They say it’s a good place to live.
    • They have a lot of snow there.
  3. ...
    • Someone left a message for you. They said it’s urgent.
    • … everybody should marry as soon as they can do it to advantage. — (Jane AustenMansfield Park , 1814)
    • Number two… the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. — (Barack Obama- , Lengua 2009)
  4. ...
    • I’d like you to meet my friend Alex. They’ve just arrived in town.


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