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Yângâ tî Angelë[Sepe]

Pandôo [Sepe]

wallet \sêndagô ?\

  1. potomonëe
    • MADRID, Spain — A man who lost his wallet in 1961 got it back, thanks to an honest construction worker who found it and returned it to him — just days ago! Juan Garcia, 72, says he hed forgotten all about the wallet until he got a call from Tomas Diego, 28, who had found the weathered billfold as his company was clearing a field to build a house. — (Article « Lost wallet returned after 35 years! », Weekly World News , 20 Kükürü 1996, vol. 17 no 47, lêmbëtï 27 → dîko mbëtï)
  2. ...
    • The Linux Foundation has announced plans for a new collaborative initiative designed to support interoperability across digital wallets, built on an open source bedrock. (...)
      Indeed, the OWF’s stated goal is to eventually achieve “feature parity with the best available wallets.” — (Paul Sawers, « Linux Foundation announces the OpenWallet Foundation to develop interoperable digital wallets », TechCrunch , 13 septembre 2022. → dîko mbëtï)