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Pasûndâ [Sepe]

worthless \wɜːθ.lɪs\

  1. mbumbuse
    • That old work of art is pretty, but worthless. - Cette œuvre d’art ancienne est jolie, mais sans valeur.
    • I personally think that Bitcoin is worthless, ” Dimon said. “Our clients are adults, they disagree, that’s what makes markets, so if they want to have access to buy yourself Bitcoin, we can’t custody it but we can give them legitimate, as-clean-as-possible access. — (Emily Graffeo, « JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon shares his personal belief ‘that Bitcoin is worthless’ », Bloomberg , October 12, 2021 → dîko mbëtï)
  2. mbumbuse (zo)
    • Why did we employ him? He’s a worthless translator! - Pourquoi l’a-t-on embauché ? Il ne vaut rien comme traducteur.
  3. mbumbuse
    • It's worthless to continue to keep guarding the chicken coop. All of your valuable chickens have already been stolen.

Pandôo [Sepe]

worthless \wɜːθ.lɪs\

  1. mbumbuse yê


  • Karan, Elke, Kêtê bakarî tî Sängö: Farânzi, Angelëe na Yângâ tî Zâmani, 1st ed. , 1995 → dîko mbëtï