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Mbasêlî [Sepe]

actually \ˈæk.ʃə.li\ , \ˈæk.tʃu.ə.li\ wala \ˈæk.tʃə.li\

  1. taâ
    • Our atmosphere appears blue, but actually it’s due to the refraction of the sunlight hitting the atmosphere.
    • Suppose the world was actually governed by classical mechanics. — (Allan Adams, 8:04 Quantum Mechanics — Problem Set 1 , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 05/02/2013 → dîko mbëtï)
    • He was the first and certainly not the last to point out that BIOS actually stands for “Basic Input/Output System,” not “Built-In Operating System” as I have it here (and as it ought to be); but I feel that I am entitled to trample all other considerations into the dirt in my pursuit of a satisfying pun, so this part of the book is unchanged. — (Neal StephensonSnow Crash , 1992 (éd. 1993) ISBN 0-553-08853-X)


  • Karan, Elke, Kêtê bakarî tî Sängö: Farânzi, Angelëe na Yângâ tî Zâmani, 1st ed. , 1995 → dîko mbëtï