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Pandôo [Sepe]

driving \ˈdɹaɪ.vɪŋ\

  1. gbötöngö kutukutu/gbötöngö-kutukutu
    • Automated vehicles, also known as self-driving vehicles, are defined under the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 as a vehicle designed or adapted to be capable, in at least some circumstances or situations, of safely driving themselves, and that may lawfully be used when driving themselves, in at least some circumstances or situations, on roads or other public places in Great Britain. A vehicle is “driving itself” if it is operating in a mode in which it is not being controlled, and does not need to be monitored, by an individual. — (SMMT publishes guiding principles for marketing automated vehicles , SMMT, 22 Nabändüru 2021)
    • A police spokesperson said drink-driving was a "potentially deadly and stupid crime". — (“Police warn drinking and driving is 'deadly and stupid'” na , 2 December 2021 → dîko mbëtï)

Lêpa tî palî [Sepe]

driving \ˈdɹaɪ.vɪŋ\

  1. lëpe tî gbôto kutukutu


  • Karan, Elke, Kêtê bakarî tî Sängö: Farânzi, Angelëe na Yângâ tî Zâmani, 1st ed. , 1995 → dîko mbëtï