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Pandôo [Sepe]

Some ice.

ice \aɪs\

  1. (Sêndo) kandângû

Palî [Sepe]

ice \aɪs\

  1. (Kürü) ...
    • The pond iced over.
  2. (Wambenze) ...
    • He iced her sprained ankle until either it—or his hands—was going to freeze off. — (Lisa Plumley, Josie Day Is Coming Home, 2012)
  3. (Wambenze) ...
    • Here we see an ice maker that iced roads in the Green River forest in the 1940s. — (Knock on Wood → dîko mbëtï)
  4. (Wambenze) ...
    • Dan Lepard shows you how to ice a cake with buttercream for a professional finish. — (Dan Lepard, “How to ice a cake with buttercream” na BBC → dîko mbëtï)
  5. (Wambenze) fâa