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Yângâ tî Angelë[Sepe]

Pandôo [Sepe]

scale \skeɪl\

  1. kilöo
    • According to the scale, he weighed 70 kilograms.
  2. ngara
    • The map is on a scale of 100,000 to 1.
  3. könöngö
    • The pyramids were built on a larger scale than any previous man-made buildings.
  4. kërë
    • He had to first remove the fish scales.
    • Part of his skin was covered in scale.
  5. (Mozoko) ...
    • She warmed up before practice by singing (musical) scales.

Palî [Sepe]

scale \skeɪl\

  1. kpaka kërë
    • Who is going to scale these fish?
    • He scaled the wall and kept running.
  2. ...
    • This is okay so far, but we’re going to need to scale up.
  3. ...
    • This would overwhelm them. We need to scale it down.
  4. ...
  5. (Kürü) ...
    • The tax scales according to your revenue.


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