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Palî [Sepe]

skill \ˈskɪl\

  1. (Wambenze, Ngbêne) ...
  2. (Wambenze, Ngbêne) hînga
  3. (Wambenze, Ngbêne) ...
  4. (Kürü, Ngbêne) ...
    • I should have given’t you to-day morning, but as a madman’s epistles are no gospels, so it skills not much when they are delivered. — (William Shakespeare-,)

Pandôo [Sepe]

skill \ˈskɪl\

  1. sêlöngö
    • The ability to analyze real-world data is one of the most sought-after skills in the 21st century. — (Christian Mayer, Python One-Liners, No Starch Press, 2020, lêmbëtï 41)
  2. (Ngbêne) ...