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Bâa ngâ : șlap


Pandôo [Sepe]

slap \slæp\

  1. pïkängö

Palî [Sepe]

slap \slæp\

  1. sö ngbângbâ
    • She slapped him in front of everyone.
    • The mother took off the trousers of her son and slapped him.
  2. pîka
    • Durral was still nose deep in his cards. I walked right up to him and slapped the card from his hands. — (Sebastien de Castell, Way of the Argosi , éditions Hot Key Books, 2021, lêmbëtï 205)
    • And he slapped his pocket till the gold pieces rang. — (Robert Louis StevensonThe Body Snatcher , 1884)