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Yângâ tî Angelë[Sepe]

Palî [Sepe]

stamp \stæmp\

  1. (Kürü) ...
    • Tell the child to stop stamping.
  2. (Wambenze) ...
    • He stamped his foot on the ground in annoyance.
  3. ...
    • This machine stamps out special commemorative coins.
  4. ...
    • This document needs to be stamped to be official.
  5. ...
    • The mark of the engraver was stamped on the ring.
  6. kpo têmbere
    • The company has stamped the document with its logo.
  7. ...
    • He stamped the tobacco into the pipe.

Pandôo [Sepe]

stamp \stæmp\

  1. ...
    • He placed his personal stamp on the document.
  2. ...
    • The king placed his personal stamp on the wax seal of the letter.
  3. têmbere
    • The letter needs a stamp.
  4. ...
    • The government has a special paper stamp for merchandise for which the tax has been paid.
  5. ...
    • This printed stamp indicates that the merchandise is of high quality.
  6. têmbere
    • He gave the child some little stamps to stick onto her books.