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Pandôo [Sepe]

team \tiːm\

  1. ...
    • The adjacent alleys were choked with tethered wagons, the teams reversed and nuzzling gnawed corn-ears over the tail-boards. — (William Faulkner, Sanctuary , 1931)
  2. bûngbi
    • The IT manager leads a team of three software developers.
    • Moreover, because Python comes with complete source code, it empowers developers, leading to the creation of a large team of implementation experts. — (Mark Lutz, Learning Python , O'Reilly, 2013, lêmbëtï 17)
  3. (Nguru) bûngbi
  4. komandöo

Palî [Sepe]

team \tiːm\

  1. bûngbi-terê