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Pandôo [Sepe]

brush \brʌʃ\

  1. (Yêkua, Da) kêtê kpenzü
    • Soldier! Get down on your hands and knees, and scrub the floor with this brush.
  2. pensöo
    • paint brush
  3. (Sêndâ-saterê) ...
    • A fox's brush.
  4. ...
    • The brush was so thick that it was difficult to travel more than a mile per day.

Palî [Sepe]

brush \brʌʃ\

  1. kpaka
  2. ...
    • He brushed out the stray marks.
  3. ndû kêtê
    • The stranger brushed by him in the crowd.
  4. ...
    • You'll have to brush up on your skills if you want to pass the exam and get your license.