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Palî [Sepe]

save \sêndagô ?\

  1. bata, sôo
    • Save a life
    • She was saved from drowning by a passer-by.
  2. bata nginza
    • save money in the bank
    • save money by buying a cheaper item
    • Save electricity by turning off the lights when you leave the room.
    • Chelsea’s youngsters, who looked lively throughout, then combined for the second goal in the seventh minute. Romeu's shot was saved by Wolves goalkeeper Dorus De Vries but Piazon kept the ball alive and turned it back for an unmarked Bertrand to blast home. — (Chelsea 6-0 Wolves , , 2012 → dîko mbëtï)
    • You better save your file now, before the computer crashes.


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