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Palî [Sepe]

stop \ˈstɑp\ , \stɑp\ , \ˈstɒp\ wala \stɒp\

  1. aretêe/retêe
  2. kânga lêgë
  3. lütï
    • If he means to blab us among his new friends, we may stop his mouth yet. — (Charles DickensOliver Twist )
    • Seeing the boy scudding away at such a rapid pace, he very naturally concluded him to be the depredator; and shouting 'Stop thief!' with all his might, made off after him, book in hand. — (Charles DickensOliver Twist )
    • 'Oho!' said the board, looking very knowing; 'we are the fellows to set this to rights; we’ll stop it all, in no time.' — (Charles DickensOliver Twist )
    • They stopped in Lyon on their way south to Marseille.
    • They chafed her breast, hands, and temples; but the blood had stopped forever. — (Charles DickensOliver Twist )
    • The riots stopped when police moved in.
    • Soon the rain will stop.


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