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Tähüzü [Sepe]

times \ˈtaɪmz\

  1. (Sêndâmâti) fânî
    • Four times five is twenty.
    • One times one is one.

Palî [Sepe]

times \ˈtaɪmz\

  1. (Tî halëzo) (Sêndâmâti) ...
    • I’ve taken the calories and the amount of food … and it’s 410 calories per portion timesed by 6 portions which the answer was 2460 calories… — (Harvey Mellar, Learning with artificial worlds: computer-based modelling in the curriculum  , 1994)
    • If you’re timesing that distance there by this height, it will disappear. — (Psychology of mathematics education  , Vol. 2, 1998)