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Salut! I answered on my talk page. (I don't know how to alert you from there on WP-sg.) Kwamikagami (discussion) 21 Fulundïgi 2022 à 12:38 (UTC)Répondre

PS. For , I assume that Sango must have a word for Venus / evening star / morning star, I just can't find it. Do you know? Thanks, Kwamikagami (discussion) 21 Fulundïgi 2022 à 23:15 (UTC)Répondre
On https://sg.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%AAnd%C3%A2tongo, Venus is in French. On Luc Bouquiaux; Jean-Marie Kobozo;Marcel Diki-Kidiri;Jacqueline Vallet;anne Behaghel, Dictionnaire sango-français et lexique français-sango , 1978, Paris: Société des Etudes Linguistiques et Anthropologiques de France (SELAF). ISBN 2-85297-016-3 I don't find it either. Sorry Laurent Bouvier (discussion) 22 Fulundïgi 2022 à 07:10 (UTC)Répondre
Hi again,
Do you know if Sango has a word for 'astrology'? Or might "sêndâtongo" cover both astronomy and astrology?
Also, it would be nice if we could get the 'antonym' template to work, for example at , parallel to the synonym template at 🜨.
And did you want to fix the "simbol" template to "sinböol"? I don't know how to do that. Kwamikagami (discussion) 25 Mbängü 2022 à 20:54 (UTC)Répondre
Astrology has nothing to do with Astronomy. As this is a European belief, I don't see how you could have any word in Sango but a borrowing from something like astrolozï or astrolozïi. Now I cannot say.
Done. {{S|gapa}}
I don't feel comfortable creating by myself a spelling for a borrowing. It would be better to find a native speaker to decide
Laurent Bouvier (discussion) 28 Mbängü 2022 à 07:40 (UTC)Répondre
Astrology is more than European. Some languages use the same native word for both. I didn't know if there was any tradition of divination by the stars in the CAR. Kwamikagami (discussion) 29 Mbängü 2022 à 00:34 (UTC)Répondre

No definitions[Sepe]

Why are you creating hundreds of entries with example sentences but no definitions? - dcljr (discussion) 3 Mbängü 2023 à 00:54 (UTC)Répondre

This is correct. I have started the articles corresponding to the translation already available. For instance, the last one, lud is listed as a translation in the article halë-zo. For the next group of articles, I have decided to do it the opposite of last time, I was using the reversal of translation and then updating the article, now sometimes, this is not so great because you have better translations. Laurent Bouvier (discussion) 3 Mbängü 2023 à 08:26 (UTC)Répondre
@Dcljr: most are now fixed. I feel a bit lonely on this Wiktionary project. Don't hesitate with any suggestions. Laurent Bouvier (discussion) 6 Mbängü 2023 à 08:22 (UTC)Répondre

(Back to the left margin…)
OK, I see that you are following up the page creations with additional bot activity, but even limiting myself to just the last few entries you created before I left my first comment here, I find that (for example) "kowal", "knecht", and "huf" still lack (precise) definitions in at least one of their senses:

kowal \sêndagô ?\

  1. ...
    • Potem sprowadził ogrodnika, a następnie: kowala, ślusarza, tokarza i kołodzieja.
  2. (Yätï) ...

knecht \sêndagô ?\

  1. turûgu
    • Po drodze żołnierze oraz knechci palili zboża oraz plądrowali posiadłości chłopstwa Wirtembergii, niszcząc domostwa oraz kradnąc bydło. — (Bitwa pod Döffingen na Wïkïpêdïyäa )
  2. (Gbâmangbôkô) ...

huf \xuf\

  1. ...
    • Zbrojne hufy polskie pogoniły Rusinów.

In each of these cases, the "..." is provided by Modèle:vavârâ-gbënëngö-ndâ, which is being transcluded into over 14,000 pages — close to 30% of this wiki's 50,000+ entries. (!)

Interestingly, definitions in other languages appear to be given in <-- HTML comments --> in the cases I cited above:

'''kowal'''  {{dë||pl}}
# {{vavârâ-gbënëngö-ndâ|pl}}<!--# Forgeron, {{lien|maréchal-ferrant|fr}}.-->
#*''Potem sprowadził ogrodnika, a następnie: '''kowala''', ślusarza, tokarza i kołodzieja.''
# {{sêbakarî|yätï|pl}} {{vavârâ-gbënëngö-ndâ|pl}}<!--# Gendarme.-->
#*''[[w:fr:Kowal bezskrzydły|lang=pl]].''
'''knecht''' {{dë||pl}}
# [[turûgu]]<!--# {{soldats|pl}} Soldat.-->
#*''Po drodze żołnierze oraz '''knechci''' palili zboża oraz plądrowali posiadłości chłopstwa Wirtembergii, niszcząc domostwa oraz kradnąc bydło.'' {{lïndïpa|wasû={{WP|Bitwa pod Döffingen|lang=pl}}}}
# {{sêbakarî|gbâmangbôkô|pl}} {{vavârâ-gbënëngö-ndâ|pl}}<!--# Bite d’amarrage<ref>{{WP|Poler|lang=pl}}</ref>.-->
'''huf''' {{dë|xuf|pl}}
# {{vavârâ-gbënëngö-ndâ|pl}}<!--# Troupe, bande.-->
#*Zbrojne '''hufy''' polskie pogoniły Rusinów.
You will notice that I did a lot of effort to suppress the incomplete definitions in non sango languages Laurent Bouvier (discussion) 27 Bêläwü 2023 à 06:57 (UTC)Répondre

Can you not provide proper Sango definitions in these cases? If you can't, then I'm wondering whether it's really a good idea to continue to create thousands of incomplete entries like this. Perhaps your efforts would be better directed towards finding some Sango speakers who would be interested in "fleshing out" the existing entries. (BTW, you don't need to "ping" me when you reply. I am watching this page.) - dcljr (discussion) 6 Mbängü 2023 à 22:35 (UTC)Répondre

I have been looking for a year for people willing to contribute more actively. Now I don't give up. Laurent Bouvier (discussion) 7 Mbängü 2023 à 16:36 (UTC)Répondre

Empty pages[Sepe]

Hello, you have emptied many pages, including Ngbëngbë, over the years. What was the reason behind this, and do you intend to delete them? Yahya (discussion) 30 Kakawuka 2023 à 07:25 (UTC)Répondre

I guess you are referring to all the pages for which I have corrected the upper case. Free free to delete all unused categories and all blank articles. I don't have the permission to do so for 2 years. ( Happy new year!) Laurent Bouvier (discussion) 31 Kakawuka 2023 à 15:07 (UTC)Répondre