Alöndö na Wiktionary


Palî [Sepe]

turn \tɜɹn\

  1. turunêe
    • Turn so I can see your profile.
  2. (+at a place) , ngoro
    • Turn right at the next intersection.
  3. (Yê +) nguru
    • Be careful! The road turns sharply just ahead.
  4. , hön ndê
    • They turned the river to go on the other side of the town.
  5. , sanzêe, gbîan
    • When the moon is full, a werewolf turns from a person into a wolf.

Pandôo [Sepe]

turn \ˈtɜɹn\

  1. molongö, kâmba
  2. tûru
    • White has the first turn in chess.
    • Whose turn is it to move?
  3. virâzi, gbïänngö-lêgë
    • The political party then took a turn to the left.